Rwanda, Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA): PPIMA is a consortium project that aims to promote and ensure the involvement of Rwandan CSOs in public policy. The project has supported key civil society actors to improve transparency in the dissemination of public information. For example, PPIMA has supported Transparency Rwanda to position itself as a credible civil society watchdog, with the first ever civil society bribery index for Rwanda (“Rwanda Bribery Index 2010”), to be published yearly. Indeed, PPIMA supported the very first public policy dialogue in Rwanda in 2010 through the Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP), which was a crucial in promoting state-citizens dialogue on public policy directly affecting the well-being of the poor. And, most notably, PPIMA supported the publication of the first “citizens” alternative budget, which was submitted to the ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and the parliament. This was a breakthrough for civil society organization to provide input on the budget that reflected the citizens’ priorities.
Please see the below project brief for further information on the use of community score cards in the PPIMA project: