It's time to care more about care work

A look at the importance of unpaid care work and advances post-ratification in Bolivia in safeguarding domestic workers' rights.

Decent work for domestic workers: Will 100 million informal workers' rights finally be recognised?

A look at the fight that paid domestic workers in Latin America and the Caribbean face to ensure decent working conditions, and the successful advocacy process in Bolivia to ratify ILO Convention 189 on Decent Domestic Work.

Can Financial Incentives Increase Good Governance in the DRC?

A short review of CARE's efforts with the International Red Cross in a DfID-funded community reconstruction programme in the DRC.

New Approaches Needed in the Mining Industry

A quick look at CARE's approach to working with the mining industry.

Re-building Local Governance in the DRC

An analysis of the challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo to re-build local governance structures.

Community Score Cards in Africa

A short summary of a learning event that CARE had between the 19th and 22nd January 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania.