The Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI) at the University of Manchester is an international centre of excellence established to create and share knowledge to end poverty in both North and South, and to shape policies that deliver real gains for people in poverty.

Research on poverty at Manchester stretches back nearly 200 years. The establishment of BWPI in 2006 reaffirms the University’s commitment to being an international research leader in global poverty and its eradication, providing as it does an institutional framework to meet the research challenges of the 21st century.
As part of the University of Manchester, BWPI is supported by the largest concentration of poverty researchers in Europe. With this support the Institute:
  • Provides rigorous, cross-disciplinary and critical research on poverty and inequality in the North and South;
  • Creates and shares knowledge about the causes and consequences of global poverty and about the policies which can deliver poverty reduction and eradication; and
  • Engages with poverty researchers, policy makers and activists to bring about a change in international norms leading the eradication of poverty.