The purpose of this guidance document for inclusive governance is to provide CARE and partner staff with direction for integrating inclusive governance into their work, by explaining:
  • The importance of inclusive governance for CARE
  • Our Theory of Change
  • How inclusive governance will be integrated into our humanitarian and development work within the Program Strategy;
  • The main inclusive governance models and innovations that we will scale up across the organisation, adapted to different local contexts;
  • How inclusive governance can be applied, across the programming cycle.

  1. For the final guidance note:

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The CARE 2020 Inclusive Governance Guidance Note Annexes provide further details on 1) the Integration of Inclusive Governance across the Outcome Areas of the Program Strategy and 2) Principles for measuring and supporting the integration of Inclusive Governance across CARE through the Inclusive Governance Integration Self-Assessment (IGISA) tool.

1. Final Guidance note

2. IG Summary

3. Annex