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Governance is the exercise of power in the management of public affairs. It is a dynamic, political process through which decisions are made, conflicts are resolved and diverse interests are negotiated.

This wiki is designed to promote good governance; the effective, participatory, transparent, equitable and accountable management of public affairs guided by agreed procedures and principles, to achieve the goals of sustainable poverty reduction and social justice and to promote learning among CARE staff and our partners to support these goals.

The site is organised under the following sections:

Governance Unit Support: What the governance team provides in terms technical assistance and tools for CARE's governance programming;
The Community Score Card CoP: CARE's community of practice to share learning around the use of score cards;
CARE's Institutional Accountability:
CARE defines accountability as explaining, being held responsible for and hearing the perspectives of others about how well we are meeting our commitments - and then actively making changes and improvements based on what we’ve learned and heard.
Programming & Tools: Examples of CARE's governance work and key resources;
Ways of Working: CARE's core principles when designing, implementing and evaluating Inclusive Governance projects;
CARE Learning & Publications: A repository of CARE's recent governance publications;
CARE Links: Links to other key CARE sites;
External Links: Links to other governance learning and expertise.

IG Guidance Note.png
Published in 2016, this guidance for inclusive governance is a crucial new document for CARE International. It provides CARE and partner staff with direction for integrating inclusive governance into their work. See more details here on how you can start applying the Inclusive Governance to your work.
CARE Events/Publications
Sara Gullo, Christine Galavotti, Anne Sebert Kuhlmann, Thumbiko Msiska, Phil Hastings and C. Nathan Marti published "Effects of a social accountability approach, CARE's Community Score Card, on reproductive health-related outcomes in Malawi: A cluster-randomized controlled evaluation", in February 10, (2017) PLOS ONE available here

  • Sara Gullo, Christine Galavotti and Lara Altman published "A review of CARE's Community Score Card experience and evidence", in May 17, (2016) Health Policy and Planning, available here
Social accountability
  • CARE was cited in Fox et al. (2016) Doing accountability differently. A proposal for the vertical integration of civil society monitoring and advocacy, available here
Social accountability & advocacy
  • Ariel Frisancho presented one of only five global case studies in Washington, DC June 18-20, 2015, "Citizen Monitoring to Promote Accountability in Health Services Quality and Respect of Rights," in Fox et al. (2016) Civil Society Policy Monitoring and Advocacy Strategies, available here
Social accountability & advocacy
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